NBBL Legends

From the origins of the league in the 1940, stars have always shined bright in the NBA. That Continued through the runf of celtics’s domninance in the 60s, to the aba merger in the 70s and the bird vs magic rivalry of the 80s. then came the michael jordan-era bulls dominating the 1990s and era of stars in the 2000s, too.

NBA Start 2021
PPG 19,9
APG 3,5
RPG 4,0
Franz Wagner
NBA Start 2018
PPG 8,2
RBS 4,8
AST 2,7
Isaac Bonga
NBA Start 2015
PPG 7,6
RPG 4,9
FG% 54,5 %
Daniel Theis
NBA Start 2013
PPG 11,7
APG 3,8
RPG 2,2
Dennis Schröder